About My Wreath Boutique

At My Wreath Boutique, we take pride in offering a wide range of beautiful, handmade wreaths. Whether you're looking for a festive Christmas wreath or something more classic from our Hampton Collection, we're sure to have the perfect wreath for you. All our wreaths are carefully crafted by hand, and we only use the highest quality materials. Plus, we ship Australia-wide, so you can enjoy our wreaths no matter where you live.



Hi, my name is Nejla, and I am passionate about creating beautiful flower arrangements that make people happy. One of the things that inspired me is the 1996 movie "Bed of Roses." In the movie, a young career woman is swept off her feet by a shy florist who falls in love with her after one glimpse through a shadowy window. The florist, played by Christian Slater, leaves his high-flying corporate job to pursue his passion for making people happy with flowers. This has always been a driving factor in my own life, and it's what led me to change career paths from a corporate job to running my own interior design and handcrafted wreaths businesses.

Regardless of the event - whether it's a funeral or someone just received flowers - people are always happy to receive them. This motivates me to create beautiful arrangements that bring joy to whoever sees them.

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