Hydrangea Wreaths

My Wreath Boutique have a diverse collection of hydrangea wreaths that are all custom designed right here in Melbourne. These of-a-kind Hydrangea wreaths are one of our biggest sellers, featuring stunning designs, vibrant colours and a wide variety of styles.


We handmake each wreath with high-quality artificial flowers. These flowers have an ultra-realistic look and feel that truly resemble the real thing. Unlike real flowers, however, they require little maintenance and offer excellent UV resistance. Another important benefit of wreaths is that you can store them away and rehang them for special occasions (such as the Christmas period).

Order your very own custom hydrangea wreaths today or contact us for special requests!

Custom Hydrangea Wreaths For Sale

All hydrangea wreaths featured online are handmade in Melbourne. However, this does not mean that you can’t order them to Sydney or any other corner of Australia. We offer safe and secure shipping for all products, as well as beautiful packaging to compliment your purchase.

Once your order is made, we beautifully wrap each wreath and arrange all of the shipping. Our products can also be decoration or designed to your specific individual requirements. Feel free to contact us for any further details or enquiries.